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Malbec & Beef -- Wine Party!

​Every third Wednesday of the month, we throw a wine party at Affare. Our wine parties are not what you'd consider a "traditional" wine dinner. We wanted to take the stuffy, classic, sit-down wine dinners and make them fun, communal, and interactive. At our wine parties, we highlight five different wines, running a new theme every month. The wines are set up in stations, and you are free to taste in whatever order you see fits. Every wine tasting comes with a generous portion of food pairings, usually three-four different foods per wine. It's a wonderful experience to be able to take your time tasting and choosing which food pairings you're interesting in. You have the oppurtnity to move back and forth between our private room and courtyard and mingle with neighbors and friends, new & old. The aim of going outside tradition and doing wine 'parties' instead of wine 'dinners' is to let you choose your own adventure. You are in control, it's your party!

This month's wine party theme is the classical pairing of Malbec and beef! We are excited to feature five different Malbec's from several different parts of the world. Chef Martin and his team are constructing a beautiful menu, with the highlight being Wagyu beef. Tickets are $65 a person (tax and gratuity not included), which includes five different wine tastes, food pairings with each wine, and a full glass of wine of your choosing. This months party is Wednesday September 21st from 6:00pm - 9:00pm. For more information, you can visit (and like!) our Facebook. To make reservations, please call 816 - 298 - 6182 or click here to book online.

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