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What is Bouillabaisse?

Lobster Bouillabaise

Traditionally, a bouillabaisse is a celebrated seafood stew from Provence, made with an assortment of fish and shellfish, onions, tomatoes, white wine, olive oil, garlic saffron and herbs. This is then ladled over thick slices of French bread. Sound delicious? Well, it didn't start out that way! Originally, a "bouillabaisse de Pecheur" , or fisherman's bouillabaisse, was prepared using sea water! While the fishermen were untangling their nets, a pot of seawater was brought to a boil. Fresh fish, along with fennel and tomatoes, was added to this, and soon enjoyed by the fishermen and their families.

Today, restaurants around the world serve a much more refined version of this. Even the base which is used for the bouillabaisse, has been prepared by cooking fish with various vegetables and already has huge flavor when the fresh seafood is added.

Our version is made with Lobster, Halibut and Clams. A crouton, topped with aioli, is added, and the flavors are amazing! We hope you can join us for Lobster month!

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